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Personal Income Tax Services

If you need assistance with your tax return, we can help. Click here to find out what documentation we need from you.

In South Africa, individuals tax starts with what a person receives and accrues and includes this as part of their gross income for a particular tax year. Natural persons tax year of assessment run from March to February of the next year.  Certain exemptions or deductions may be claimed against the gross income, in our preparation of your personal income tax return (ITR12)

Our registered tax professionals specialize in the preparation and submission of your tax return or provisional tax that may include calculations of allowances you received or Capital Gains Tax and Fringe Benefit Tax.

Income tax is the normal tax which is paid on your taxable income according to a sliding scale.

Examples of amounts an individual may receive, and from which the taxable income is determined, include –

  • Remuneration (income from employment), such as, salaries, wages, bonuses, overtime pay, taxable (fringe) benefits, allowances and certain lump sum benefits.
  • Profits or losses from a business or trade.
  • Income or profits arising from an individual being a beneficiary of a trust.
  • Director’s fees.
  • Investment income, such as interest and foreign dividends.
  • Rental income from property rental.
  • Income from royalties’ payments.
  • Annuities.
  • Pension income and lump sum payments.
  • Certain capital gains.

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    Who is it for?

    You are liable to pay income tax if you earn more than:

    For the 2022 year of assessment (1 March 2021 – 28 February 2022) – see changes from last year

    • R87 300 for younger than 65
    • If you are 65 years of age and older and younger than 75 years of age the rebate is R135 150
    • If you are older than 75 years of age then your rebate is R151 100

    Top tip: You don’t need to file if your total salary for the year before tax is not more than R350 000, provided:

    • You only have one employer (but remember if you have two employers or income sources e.g. late spouse / partner pension income, exam markings income, rental income, moonlighting income etc. you do need to file even if the total is still under R350 000).
    • You have no car allowance or other income (e.g. interest or rent).
    • You are not claiming tax related deductions (e.g. medical expenses, retirement annuity contributions, travel expenses, etc.).
    • You received interest from a source in South Africa not exceeding – R23 800 if you are below the age of 65 years; or
    • R34 500 if you aged 65 years or older.
    • Dividends were paid to you and you were a non-resident during the 2021 year of assessment.

    Our tax practitioners are registered members of The South African Institute of Taxation a recognised professional body accepted by SARS.

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    Looking for Assistance with your Personal Income Tax?

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