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Looking for a business tax consultant in Johannesburg? As a business owner, you will agree that your business accounting department and tax responsibilities take up quite a lot of time. Business tax can be quite complex, which is why most businesses opt to outsource their accounting and tax services to a reputable service provider like Shamu Bookkeeping. Shamu Bookkeeping is a trusted and registered tax consulting company, helping individuals and businesses with a wide range of tax and accounting services.

Not only will making use of Shamu Bookkeeping for your business tax save your time and money, but it will give you peace of mind that your business is up to date and is tax compliant. Trust the leading business tax consultants in Johannesburg for  all your business related tax and accounting needs. Contact Shamu Bookkeeping today.

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    Business tax and accounting services

    Shamu Bookkeeping is a professional tax consulting company offering clients in Johannesburg a wide range of business related services. Let us assist you with the following:

    • New company registration: Starting a new business? Let a professional accountant or tax consultant at Shamu Bookkeeping help with your new company registration. We will guide you through the process hassle-free, in order to get your new company registered as soon as possible.
    • Registering your company for tax with SARS: You will need to register your new company for tax with the South African Revenue Service. A consultant from Shamu Bookkeeping will get your company registered, so that you can start paying your tax contributions.
    • Registering for eFiling: eFIling has changed the way in which tax returns are submitted, making is faster, easier and much more convenient. eFiling is a method of submitting your tax returns online, to lessen your visits to the SARS offices. Let Shamu Bookkeeping setup your eFiling profile for hassle-free tax returns.
    • Business income tax returns: Shamu Bookkeeping, business tax consultant in Johannesburg, will compile all the documentation needed for your company tax returns. Let our team complete and submit your annual business tax returns, so that you can rest assure that everything is accurate and in order.
    • Tax dispute resolution: It often happens that you may be in disagreement with SARS regarding the outcome of your tax return. For this reason, SARS has put forward a tax dispute option, where you can submit any appeals you may have regarding the outcome of your tax returns due to possible errors.
    • Accounting and bookkeeping: As a reputable business tax consultant in Johannesburg, Shamu Bookkeeping also offer a complete accounting and bookkeeping service. At a cost-effective monthly fee, we will keep your accounting and bookkeeping department up to date.
    • Annual Financial Statements: Shamu Bookkeeping can supply you with your Annual Financial Statements for your business needs.

    Contact Shamu Bookkeeping today – trusted business tax consultant in Johannesburg.

    As with any industry, our business activities are regulated by SARS. In order to remain compliant with SARS and to ensure that we provide a service that is based on the rules and legislations as set out in the Republic of South Africa, we belong to the following professional bodies:

    South African Institute of Business Accountants (SAIBA)


    South African Institute of Taxation


    South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA)


    Sage Pastel Bookkeepers Forum

    Contact Shamu Bookkeeping today – trusted business tax consultant in Johannesburg.

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